Policies at Jayeness Moulding Company

To open a account:

    To qualify as a Jayeness customer you must be actively involved in Picture Framing, you must have a business license and/or a resale number.

  • All accounts must stay current.
  • To establish credit, a client application must be filled out.
  • Upon approval account will be opened following a three to four week waiting period.
  • Without an open account, shipments will be sent C.O.D. and will call orders will be paid upon pick up.


    Two percent (2%) discount is applied if payment is received within 10 days of the invoice date if account is current.

    Full payment must be made within 30 days of the invoice date. A finance charge of 1.5 percent will be added to any account overdue.

Cash Discounts:

    Two percent (2%) discount will be given on orders over one hundred dollars if paid in full upon pick up.

Fax Discounts:

    A one percent (1%) discount will be given if an order is faxed or if a handwritten order is delivered by mail to us.

Length Moulding Discounts:

  • 5% discount is given on 300 feet of assorted moulding.
  • 10% discount is given on 500 feet of assorted moulding.
  • 15% discount is given on 1000 feet of assorted moulding.
  • 20% discount is given on 2000 feet of assorted moulding.
  • 25% discount is given on 2500 feet of assorted moulding.

Chop Service:

    We offer same day as well as 'while you wait' chop service on smaller quantities of frames.

     Cut down frames are $5.00 dollars per metal frame and $8.00 per wood frames.

Chop Service:

    We cut and join any moulding that we carry in stock at a special per foot price - see our catalog for details.

Chop Discounts:

    5% discount is given on 10 frames.
    10% discount is given on 20 frames.
    15% dicount is given on 30 frames.

Thumbnail Router:

    We will thumbnail router your frames for a $5.00 dollar charge for single. $8.00 dollar charge for double (inserts included)



    Shipments will be sent with UPS unless other arrangements are requested. A handling charge of $2.50 dollars will be applied on all UPS orders in addition to shipping charges on your invoice. All shipping charges will also be added to your invoices unless shipped freight collect.

Minimum delivery order is $50.00. A fuel surcharge will apply to all deliveries.


    Statements will not be sent out on a monthly basis, unless requested. You will be able to pay from the invoice. If you feel you have lost the invoice, you may contact us to get a statement sent.

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